August 19, 2011

RAP/ Moving

So excited! Josh just got done with his PT eval and passed! So, he will be able to participate in the Recruiter Assistance Program when we go back to Omaha! I am very proud of him, but I do feel sorry for those who did not pass and will not be allowed to do RAP. They'll still be allowed to go home, but RAP would've given them some extra time at home without being charged leave.

Also, because I know you were just DYING to know, I have all of my outfits picked out and ready to go! Now the challenge is finding out whether or not all of my stuff will fit in the luggage I already have. *Yikes!*

This isn't actually my luggage, but a girl can dream right?!

I WAS going to be studying my booty off the next couple of weeks for my German driver's license, but it seems that as of a month or two ago it was changed so that only Josh can access it-awesome! From the little bit that I have looked at, it appears those German's seem to have a sign for everything! Bill Engvall would be so proud!

Josh and I have a rough sketch of our schedule for the next month or so:
August 22- Mover's are coming to pack us up
August 24- Mover's are coming to take all of our stuff away
August 25- Josh start's Security +
August 29- Preliminary house inspection
September 2- Taking our Kia Soul to New Orleans to ship it to Germany
September 7- Final house inspection
September 8- Josh's Sec + test
September 8/9- Headed home!
September 12-23- RAP
October 7- Leaving Omaha
October 10- Josh reports!

We have "heard" that once we get to Germany Josh will be given 2 weeks of uncharged leave so we can find a house because the housing market is difficult to get into over there right now. I sure hope that's true but we'll find out eventually!

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