August 3, 2011


So, I've been getting a lot of questions about when Josh and I will be heading back to O-town; and as of right now it's still up in the air...I know, just what you wanted to hear huh?! But I can give you a little more information: Josh tests out of sets tomorrow and we believe he will be on AFI for about a week before starting Security +. 

Sec+ is 10 days long and then he's completely done with school here at Keesler. However, TMO is backed up and it'll be about 3 weeks after Josh attends a meeting (I think he said Tuesday).

After that, we have to get a house inspection and once that is done and we have out-processed we will be headed home for a few weeks. Josh is going to try and do RAP which will give us 2 weeks and then from there we head off to start our lives abroad!
That's pretty much it. Oh and follow my blog! You never know I might block my blog so that only my followers can see it, and I don't really post anything of importance on Facebook, so something to think about!

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