January 6, 2012

Oh the possibilities!

Can you believe how many names there are in this world?! Too many to choose from! How are we supposed to whittle the list down from an infinite supply of names to just one that both of us agree on-yowza! 

I guess the first step is to find out what we’re having, that’ll at least make it 50% easier to decide! Luckily, Josh and I have a few names floating around to hopefully make our choice easier, only time will tell though!

How did you decide on your child’s name? Is it a family name? Something you’ve always wanted since you were little? Was it important to have an original name, or perhaps a more traditional name was a better choice for your bundle of joy?!

To think all this stress for the first name, maybe we'll just stick with Etcha! And don’t even get me started on the middle name dilemma!

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