May 18, 2012

Getting close!

I can't believe my due date is in the 10 day forecast! This is getting real folks. I can't wait to meet this babe that has been growing in me for the last 9 months! The hospital bags are packed (and have been for about a month, but that's just my style), we're seeing a doctor once a week now (more on that in a moment), and Etcha's room is complete.

As you may have noted from previous posts, Josh and I have been doing centering. In place of a normal 20-30 minute appointment, we've had 2 hour appointments with a group. When Josh and I showed up for our centering appointment, we were informed that we had been dropped from it and no one called to inform us. Color me surprised. Now, we don't know why we were dropped from the class for sure, but we think it's because I'm the only pregnant one left. Figures.

The staff did their best to work us into the schedule, so I'm grateful for that, at least I didn't have to come back a different time. Now, that we aren't in centering anymore, they've switched me to weekly appointments; with centering it was every 2 weeks, and I have no idea why.

Just thought I'd catch you up! Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully my next blog will be to introduce everyone to our brand new babe!

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