August 27, 2012

What is it about the classics that make cleaning more fun?!

Usually when I'm doing housework I enjoy the company of John Denver, this goes way back to my childhood. Every once and a while though, I change it up and listen to the likes of Der Bingle, and Old Blue Eyes. I don't know what it is about these men that make cleaning almost fun for me. Maybe I just feel classier while cleaning, if only I had some pearls to wear too! If you have a smile on your face while doing a task, it always seems goes quicker, don't you think?!

These are a few of the songs I've been enjoying this morning:
  • It's Been a Long, Long Time-Bing Crosby
  • Smile-Nat King Cole
  • I Love Paris-Frank Sinatra
  • Who Was That Lady-Dean Martin
  • I'm Beginning to See the Light-Bobby Darin
Do you listen to music while you're cleaning? What do you listen to?!

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