April 25, 2013

11 months old!

11 months old. There is an 11 month old that lives in my house. I just can't get over how fast this time has gone. We spent the day enjoying the 75 degree weather and taking Nessa Rose to get a haircut. I know, I know, we are party animals.

Preparations are being made for Coleden's first birthday. I am way more excited than my son is for his birthday. I've been planning it since January and I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together!

In other news, this past month my little man:
  • will climb the spiral staircase with ease
  • drinks from my water bottle (he loves straws as much as I do!)
  • is on the verge of walking, and only needs to hold one of Mommy or Daddy's hands
  • shakes his head all the time, and only started nodding a few days ago
  • will start bouncing up and down when he sees someone else doing it
  • started sampling a few menu items from my plate
  • is turning into a Daddy's boy and especially loves when Daddy comes home for lunch
  • has 7 teeth and working on the 8th
  • falls asleep when listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World"
  • lights up when he hears someone calling us on Skype
  • says "mama," "dada," and "hi"

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