August 12, 2013

Loving Lately

I hope everyone had a great weekend! On Saturday, Josh and I went on a mini road trip up to Spangdahlem for a baby shower honoring our friend Sarah (Josh hung out with Tim, he didn't want to come to the shower-weird). Sunday was spent grocery shopping, watching Tangled, giving Nessa a (slightly less than beautiful) haircut, and playing with a really cute little boy.

Now onto my weekly list of what I've been loving lately:
  • Sunday's like yesterday
  • Watching Cole walk backward (something he just learned this week)
  • Nessa is finally starting to play with Cole
  • Wedding talk with my sister-in-law (I love your programs, they're super cute Beth!)
  • I got to wear sweatPANTS and jeans for the first time since May
  • Cole turning the pages of his book (even when I'm not done reading)
  • My newly acquired quilt, it's sort of shabby chic and the lady I bought it from even threw in the entire Fantastic Four cartoon series, because she's sick of watching it with her son (this was done with a lot of stealthiness, it was pretty impressive)
  • I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, but more on that tomorrow
  • When Cole copies something Josh and I do: we were at Sarah and Tim's house and Cole was walking around with a card in his hand. He stopped and started yelling at it. I'm 99.9% confident he gets that from me, I have a tendency of announcing a thought by yelling it into my phone (that's not being used). I don't know why I do it, it seems like I always have, but now it's just extra funny because my son does it too. Now who's the weird one, Josh?! 
  • Crafting baby shower gifts, I love making something for a nursery that no one else has!
 Cole LOVES Rapunzel
 For Elenah's nursery, I hope you like it Sarah and Tim!

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