September 30, 2013

Photo Fri...I mean Monday

Guys, it's been a busy week. Josh and I have been planning, packing, and more planning. We received some news that I will share on a different post (nothing is wrong, don't worry!), so we've been dealing with and planning for it as well. With the end of the month happening just a couple days after Photo Friday, I figured I could hold out so the rest of my photos from the month could be included.

Day 21: A good thing. My cousin Dan was in town! His wife Kari does roller derby (how cool is that?!), and he invited Josh, Cole, and I to come watch. I took tons of photos, can't wait to share!
Day 22: Autumn. Me and the Superman here were having a grand old time crunching all the leaves! He loves that this shirt has a cape.
Day 23: Selfie. I tried my best to take a cute picture with this child, but he had other plans and decided being wiggly was way more fun. And yes, he is still wearing that Superman shirt, he didn't want to take it off. Two days in a row isn't too bad, right?!
Day 24: Bokeh. I threw this one in for the month as a way to challenge myself. I had no idea what I wanted to do for it, and then I happened to be getting my apples ready for freezing (I bought too many and we just don't have time to eat them before we leave), and inspiration struck! I love it when that happens!
Day 25: Shades. Easy enough. If Cole would've kept his on, you'd have gotten a pretty darn cute photo of him. Just sayin'.
Day 26: 3 things. Those are definitely three things. Josh brought home a bowling pin the other day (I still don't know why), I recently bought a Martha Stewart pastry blender, and then there is the letter "K."
Day 27: Owls. My favorite animal, and go-to accessory (I have plenty to choose from).
Day 28: At night. A couple of months ago, Josh and I started watching Breaking Bad. As soon as Cole went to sleep for the night, we'd watch an episode. We finally got caught up over the weekend. Just the last episode is left. No spoilers please!
Day 29: Weather. It was kind of a weird day for weather yesterday. The sun wanted to shine but the clouds kept getting in the way. Welcome to Germany.
 Day 30: Luggage. Ready to go!

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