May 31, 2014

Dad's Visit

As I type, Dad is headed back to Omaha. Because I've been under the weather the last few days, Coleden and I stayed home while Josh took Dad to the airport (also, it's like an hour drive one way, and my kiddo has had enough road trips for the time being). Thank you Josh for taking Dad to the airport! While I enjoy a cup of coffee, I thought I'd share some photos from Dad's trip.

Dad got in last Thursday, and it seems like we've been on the move since. We went to Heidelberg, the Black Forest, the Rhine River, Rudesheim, Metz, and Luxembourg. Due to a bit of poor planning, some of the photos are with my camera, and some are with my dad's. I will never forget to charge a camera battery again. Thank goodness dad had his camera!
How do kids always know there's something in a bag for them, even Nessa knew Papa had something for her. I don't think Cole even cared about the Pringles, he really just likes the tube.
This picture was taken in front of the same shop I took a picture with my mom when she was here, so it's kind of like a family photo, right?!

 This picture doesn't do this hill justice, this sucker was steep!

The stairs weren't our favorite, but Cole didn't seem to mind.
The nice thing about Dad's camera: selfies are so much easier!

While in the Black Forest, I was able to do some glass blowing!
 Papa hung out with a very sleepy and sweaty little boy, it was hot in the glass blowing shop.
 Enjoying some German beer after glass blowing.
 At an open air museum, all the buildings were from the 1600's.
 The world's largest cuckoo clock. This was the best shot we could get because there was a bus parked right in front of it.
 These hats are worn by women in this region, if they have red balls on top it means they're single, black balls mean married. I tried explaining that I'm married to the owner who put the hat on my head but he told me for the moment I wasn't. How do you argue with that?

At Reichenstein Castle on the Rhine River
 View of the Rhine from the top of the castle.

The great part about Rhine River is that everywhere you turn there is a castle.  

We won a VHS tape about the Rhine River, Cole doesn't seem to understand hehe

 Reichenstein Castle from the Rhine.

Riding the cable car to the monument

Niederwald Monument in Rudesheim

Metz Cathedral
 Inside looking up in the Metz Cathedral
Eating gelato and being photobombed by this cute couple we kept running into.

As soon as we walked through these gates we were officially on American soil. 
   Patton's grave.

 We didn't take many photos in Luxembourg, our battery was all but dead.

That pretty much covers Dad's visit, with the exception of Cole's birthday, which will be another post very soon. I hope you liked the photos as much as we liked being able to take them. Safe travels Dad, I hope you get home safe and your flights are quick!

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