May 5, 2014

Josh's Homecoming

My husband has finally returned. I can't even begin to express the jubilation I am feeling. All of the stress, the loneliness, the fear, the empty seat at the dinner table, the phone calls that cut off unexpectedly, the holidays/birthdays spent without him, the terrible quality of Skype (when we could Skype), and the days counted down, have lead to Josh's homecoming.

I knew a few weeks in advance when Josh was coming home, but for his safety, I didn't want to share the exact date.You understand, right?! Right. I knew he wasn't going to be back at the squadron (where I was set to pick him up) until at the earliest 7pm. My day went be agonizingly slow. Cole and I went and checked the mail, shopped at the BX, did last minute cleaning, laundry, painted a picture, took pictures, and made a sign for Josh. At that point it was only 2pm. AHHH! I did not know what else I could do, I was getting stir crazy and finally I got a text from Josh saying they just landed! At least now I have contact with Josh, his plane landed safely, and he would be on his way to the squadron shortly. We still had about an hour to kill, but it went so much faster because I was able to text Josh.

When I finally got the thumbs up to start heading to the base it was about 7:30pm. This is Cole's bedtime, and he was clearly very sleepy. I did everything I could to keep him up, I knew he'd want to see his Daddy as much as his Daddy wanted to see him. As we were pulling into the squadron, Cole fell asleep. Josh was already there, I leaped out and ran to him. I finally got to see his face, and hug and kiss him. We were finally together again!

 Josh's welcome home basket of goodies!
 This was the closest I could get Nessa to sit by Cole.
 Cole's reaction to being woken by his Daddy.
This picture is priceless to me. Cole looks so confused, like "Mama, what is happening?!"
Once Cole figured out what was going on, he was so happy to be in his Daddy's arms.
 This is my absolute favorite picture of Cole and Josh. Ever.
 The sign says:
It's been a long 6 months without a doubt,
we are so excited and can't wait to shout:
"We missed you greatly now get over here SrA Trout!"

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