July 25, 2014

Cruising the Mediterranean-Day 7 Palma Majorca

Can we finish this cruise already?! I really had hoped I'd be done sharing our cruise adventures by now, but life keeps on happening over here, along with some awesome (not really) heat. It's a cooler day so I'm ready to share our last couple of days from the cruise.

I had no idea what to expect from Palma Majorca, Spain. When we were planning our trip, we found an excursion that included a tour of a cave and a day at the beach. We knew the rest of our trip was going to be busy, so it was easy to pick a more laid back trip for this day.

Our first stop was to a pearl factory. I had no idea Majorica Pearls (that's the company) were so popular. When we walked in, what they said was a factory just looked like an upscale jewelry store to me. They said there was a concession stand on the upper floor, so that's where we headed immediately. What do we need pricey pearls for? After we got Cole settled with a sandwich, Josh encouraged me to go look around.

The lady behind the counter was very persistent in wanting to show me several different items. I finally told her I'd need to speak with my husband (which is code for I'm going to back away slowly, please don't stink eye me too much for wasting your time). Josh asked if I had seen anything I liked, I told him there was a very pretty, very simple (it was a chain with one pearl, if you're interested) bracelet that caught my eye. What I hadn't expected was for Josh to lead me back to the sales lady and surprise me with not only a full string bracelet, but a necklace and earrings to match. Is he a keeper or what?

Our next stop was to the Caves of Drach (Caves of the Dragon). Even though we were in queue for about 30 minutes just to enter the caves, it was definitely worth the wait. With the exception of a few rails for safety the cave is still very much like it was a long time ago. It really was a beautiful site. There was even an underground lake. The closest I've ever come to seeing caves, stalactites, and stalagmites is at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Speaking of one of Omaha's greatest attractions, if anyone is interested to know, it smelled more like the Lied Jungle, than Kingdom's of the Night inside the cave. If you haven't been, sorry I have no other way of describing it.

After the caves, we headed to Porto Cristo for some beach time. I really wish we would've taken more photos, but I'm happy that we were making beautiful memories instead. Cole LOVED the water, the waves, the sand. It is safe to say that my kid is a beach lover; just like his mom and dad! I wish we would've had more time on the beach, it really was a lot of fun.

 I love this picture Josh took, it really shows just how large the Norwegian Epic is, especially compared to yachts and boats.
 Taking the routine nap on the way to the first stop.
 Family picture featuring Josh, Lindsey, and Cole's butt.
 All photos in the cave were shot without flash, I'm very happy we were able to get as many good photos as we did, it wasn't easy.
 You can tell Cole was still sleepy, he puts his hand under his armpit when he's tired. 
Family selfie on the beach, Cole had no desire to take photos, he was too busy checking out the cool beach, or maybe there was a topless lady he was checking out, who knows.

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