October 19, 2011

Can you believe it?!?!

Wow! What a year this has been! I am absolutely astounded that it has already been a year since Josh and so many other friends joined the Air Force! I'm so proud of my husband, yeah it was hard to be without him for 8 1/2 weeks, but our relationship has never been stronger!

I am so thankful to be with him now, in GERMANY, and he's given us a better life, how can I not be grateful?! If it wasn't for the Air Force, I wouldn't have met Leshara, and how sad would that be?! My goodness, all the crying and sharing and supporting; I couldn't have asked for a better friend! No one understood how I was feeling except Leshara, and if that doesn't bring you together than nothing will.

So, I raise a fictional glass to the men and women who left for BMT one year ago today! I congratulate you on making it an entire year and thank you for your service! Another toast to the spouses who are too often forgotten, double gold stars for us!!!

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