October 17, 2011

'til death do us part...but this walk might be what kills me

Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary and how did we celebrate?! By acting like a couple of 14 year old's and walking everywhere of course!

I love biscuits and gravy, its one of my favorite breakfasts so we decided to try a new recipe for our anniversary breakfast! Our hotel doesn't host much of a kitchen, but it's better than a regular hotel, except it doesn't seem to matter what we cook, the smoke detector always goes off. Hopefully soon I'll post our new recipe venture on here!

We've been in Germany for almost 2 weeks, and haven't had the luck of finding a decent car until Saturday when Josh found a BMW that is right hand drive that he was interested in. After e-mailing back and forth they decided to meet on Sunday at the gym on our base; which happens to be nowhere close to where we are staying, so we walked.

After looking at the car we decide to put that choice on that back-burner. It's a really nice car, but the fact that it's right hand drive makes me a little nervous. While on our trek back we see a taxi and decide we had some running around to do on Ramstein, so we bit the bullet and paid for a taxi.

Now, I'm not the type of person that gets anxious when people ride bumpers, or pass other drivers with a little extra gusto; okay that's a lie. I AM one of those people that gets anxious, but with good reason. For those who may not know; on a military base, pedestrians have the right of way; in the sense that it's not just at crosswalks, you stop for them everywhere. A lot of people are used to that rule and will just walk in front of your car assuming that you'll stop for them.

Taxi's. Don't. Stop.

Our driver must not have been clued in on base etiquette because he almost hit 8 or 9 people. I could sympathize that maybe if they weren't at a cross walk, but ALL of them were. I was just glad to be out of that taxi, case closed.

We made it to the KMCC which is just the big shopping center on Ramstein. Our first stop was to the bank so we could open a German bank account so we could get cell phones (the phone company requires a German routing number). After we finished there, we tried our luck with the cell phone company but Germans do not work on Sunday's so in order to get approved we would have had to come back the next day, so much for being productive!

There is a "lemon lot" on most bases, and it's just a place to sell cars. The lemon lot on Ramstein shouldn't be called a lemon lot in my opinion, because to me, a lemon would be a car that has seen better years; a car that gets you from point A to point B, it may not be a comfortable ride but it's a car and it runs. Ramstein's lemon lot, however, hosts vehicles of a higher quality to put it delicately. I understand that German inspections are a lot more persnickety about the cars they allow on their roads, but I have never heard of a $42,000 lemon!
What I expected from the lemon lot on Ramstein
What  I got instead
Anyway, not a whole lot of interest for us at the lemon lot, so we walked back to the KMCC from the lemon lot (not a short hike mind you) and found a taxi and headed home. This time, the taxi ride was less frightening-thank goodness!

You might think that this was the end to our day but it was only 4:00 by the time we got home and since we're so stinkin' romantic, we walked back to the gym where we met the guy, because our base knows what's up, and put a "Popeyes" and a "Burger King" right next to the gym! Don't make fun, there are a limited amount of places that are within walking range to dine at. It wasn't until we were walking back that we noticed a Mexican restaurant that might have made for a fancier dining experience, but who wants that?!

I had the love of my life at my side, and a belly full of Burger King, what more could I ask for?! Except maybe a ride home...

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