November 9, 2011

This could be the pregnancy talking, or just random thoughts

Josh is working nights for the rest of the week, so I had a little extra time on my hands to do some pondering and this is what I came up with:

I really enjoy the show Reba, I forgot how funny it is!

This is exciting, at least to me, I think I’m starting to get a baby bump!!! As a result, my pants aren’t fitting the way they should, and I’m not quite ready for maternity pants. Thank God for sweatpants!!!

Crunch Berries are amazing; I can’t get enough of them!

German toilets are weird, they have a stop nozzle, and no matter where you go the flusher on every toilet is different. Some toilets are even self-cleaning!
I kid you not the big button is for "heavier things" and the small button is for "lighter things." All so you don't waste water.

I can’t wait until we move into our new home next week.
1. Because I want my clothes (that will still fit) back
2. My bed, my oh-so-comfortable bed
3. I’m ready for space that this hotel room is lacking
4. This room doesn’t have a bathtub, and I’d like to take a nice bath

Crangrape is my favorite juice!

I loved the movie Juno before I was pregnant and now it has a whole new meaning and appreciation for me!

Ice water has never tasted better to me!

Thanks Mom for the boots you bought me when we were home they have become the most comfortable pair of shoes I own currently!

I learned that if you ask a German how they are doing, they will tell you…in detail so don’t ask if you don’t really care but if they ask you feel free to tell them exactly what’s on your mind

On a similar note, I found out that if you are one of those people who like to block the aisle by standing in the middle or talking to someone else therefore blocking the way completely, a German is likely to GROWL at you and if that doesn’t work they will push past you and you will receive the stink eye as they go by. Beware, just beware!

I’m obsessed with looking at baby names, so many options!

I watched a professional bocce ball tournament on Euro Sports, it was intense!

I can’t wait to have American outlets again! At least that’s in the near future, gotta love base housing!!!

Well that’s pretty much it for me today, who knows what I’ll post tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!

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