November 8, 2011

Just a thought...

As I sat down to do this blog, I was thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays that I would normally be spending with family; and I realized how many wonderful traditions (holiday or not) I have that I get to pass down to this baby!

I know Josh will have a lot of traditions he would add to this list too and hopefully I’ll be able to add some of them now; but for the time being, here is a list of holiday traditions I can’t wait to share with baby Trout!

·       Christmas movies! Especially White Christmas on Sunday nights with my dad’s Chicken in the Oven!
·       Putting the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving
·       Watching Wizard of Oz on Thanksgiving night
·       24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve
·       Lots of people for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner (usually this is blood relations, but has recently been extended to my Air Force family!)
·       Christmas music constantly after Thanksgiving, or if Josh isn’t in the room, after Halloween!
·       Fire pit for Halloween! And yummy s’mores!
·       Biscuits and Gravy for Christmas breakfast
·       Christmas light looking
·       Advent calendars!
·       Turkey sandwiches while decorating the Christmas tree
·       Leaving the Christmas lights on the whole night of Christmas Eve (so Santa knows where to go!)
·       Christmas crafts
·       Saying what we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving
·       Gift exchanges with friends
·       Watching Peanuts movies on their assigned holidays with Heidi
·       Spending New Year’s Eve with friends (but not as crazy, after all there will be a baby with us in utero or in person)
·       Making Christmas treats: cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, etc

Well, I could go on, but I think that’s a good start! I’m going to miss spending Christmas with our families, but I’m also excited to start new traditions with our little family!

Oh and crossing my fingers that we will be able to get Nessa Rose over here before I have the baby, I don’t want her to think we’re replacing her! I miss my baby girl more than anything right now and I hope she’ll be able to join us soon!

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