January 22, 2012

Milestones and Nursery Ideas

Holy smokes, where did January go?! In years past, January always crept by since it’s my birthday month; this year, however, it seems to have slipped through my fingers!

It was so weird to ring in this New Year, the thought of entering the year that Etcha will be joining us makes it seem so much closer, and more real! This coming Friday will mark the age that I will be when I give birth-that’s just nuts! I’m happy to celebrate these milestones, however small they may be, why not?!

Josh and I have FINALLY decided on the baby’s room theme!!! It’s not that we’ve been arguing over it, I just keep changing my mind! Aww the joys of being a lady! Perhaps my statement was a little misleading-we’re not really going with a theme as much as we’re going with colors. Royal blue and lime green to be exact. It’s not that I dislike nursery themes; I just can’t to commit to one theme. I probably changed my mind 10 times before deciding it was probably best to just go with colors!

Really, I think it’s because of my ambition to sew and create a unique nursery that we’re shying away from a specific theme. One of the things I want to make are curtains for the baby’s room and if I choose a theme I might be limiting myself to only one fabric or design, and I like having different options, does that make sense?!

Now that we’ve chosen what we want to do for Etcha’s room, we can actually proceed in making these plans come to life! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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