March 16, 2012

I'm obsessed...

I love the feel of a freshly made bed. There's something so relaxing and refreshing about it, especially this time of year when windows are open and sun is shining in; I can't help but smile. What could possibly be better than a freshly made bed?! A new bedding set of course! Don't you just love picking out new bedding, looking for a happy medium between masculine and feminine, although feminine is always easier to come by, poor Josh.

I've been keeping an eye out for new bedding for almost 6 months, this kind of decision takes some time. Josh actually found the bedding we chose (snaps for Josh!), and maybe this is only funny to me, but this is the first time we purchased a bedding set that came with Euro pillows. You're sides aren't splitting yet? It was slightly funny to me that we're buying Euro pillows in Germany, then it made me think do Europeans call Euro pillows just that, or do they perhaps just call them pillows? Do they call normal rectangle pillows Ameri pillows? That had me laughing for almost 5 minutes, awww pregnancy and the crazy giggle fits you've give me when no one else thinks its remotely funny; in case you were wondering Josh didn't think it was that funny either.

On that note, happy Friday! Hope everyone has a safe St. Patrick's day tomorrow! Hopefully I'll have a great corned beef minus the cabbage recipe to share soon!

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