April 9, 2012

rearrangin' and new settings

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that my happiest days are those when I've been very productive especially when I can make a slight change in my surroundings. Since I'm not able to rearrange furniture in my current condition (I know I can ask Josh, but part of the fun is surprising him!), I get to stick to small changes. Sometimes though, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.

While we were adventuring at the Euro store, I came across some place mats and napkin holders that just screamed my name. I wanted something that I could use for spring and summer and these were just what I was looking for. It wasn't until after we left that we found out our new napkin holders were actually curtain clips, but I'm thinking that just makes it cooler, don't you?

This was my small contribution to changing things up. Josh on the other hand, was not only able to surprise me with rearranging Etcha's room, but he was able to do it while I took a quick nap. Talk about being productive! Hopefully I'll have nursery pictures to share before too long.

Semi-random thought of the day: Is it just me, or does a made bed or a set table make that room seem a little cleaner?

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