April 7, 2012

33 weeks and the Easter Beagle came Charlie Brown!

Wow! What a full week it's has been. Josh's birthday, a doctor's appointment, a Cecilia visit, some adventurin' with Steph and more nursery progress. Not to mention, it's EASTER.

This year Josh didn't want a cake for his birthday, he just wanted me to make him some brownies. I made his favorite: chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips inside (you must try it!), just don't run out of milk like we did. Still, they came out better than I could've dreamed.

At our 32 week checkup on Tuesday, Major Pam (she's our midwife, Maj. is her rank and since we're in centering we go by first names; hence Major Pam, just thought I'd clear that up) taught us how to feel for the baby's head. Totally cool. We also toured L&D, Josh even volunteered to be a "mommy-to-be" and Major Pam showed all the initial things they do when we first get there using Josh. Did I take pictures? You betcha!

Cecilia came for another visit. I always feel more prepared for the labor when Cecilia comes. I won't speak for Josh, but I learn more from Cecilia than I do from centering, it might be because I know I can ask or talk about anything and she always has a comforting way of answering. She gets me.

Stephanie and I traveled back to our favorite German store, this time Josh joined us. I don't know that Josh had as much fun as we did, but I know he'll want to return soon enough! We got some new place mats for our table, I'll post pictures soon.

As for our nursery, we found a used dresser online that matches our crib beautifully and it was a bargain. Can't beat that! All of our wall decor is either in or finished, just needs to be hung up! We also purchased our stroller and car seat (thanks mom and dad!), so really all that's left to do is wait for some fabric to come in so I can make a bed skirt and some curtains and we're finished!

April is going to be a busy month for us; this weekend is Easter, and every weekend until May we have a baby shower. I'm feeling blessed, just one shower was exciting to me, but 3? Thank you friends and family for making this possible for Josh and I especially since we're overseas, this is way more than I ever could've dreamed of.

I have always been obsessed with Easter, I love the colors, the festivities, dressing up special, watching "It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown," Easter supper, oh and the whole thing where this guy named Jesus rose from the dead, I don't know if you heard about it, but it was a pretty big deal. I can't wait to share this with Etcha next year!

Josh and I want to wish everyone a

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