April 22, 2012

Just a hand away

We are at the point where we get to count the weeks left on one hand. Are we really down to just 5 weeks? Crazy. Just crazy.

I've started feeling the wonderful pangs of Braxton Hicks, and I know they'll be nothing like the actual labor contractions I'll be feeling, but I'll take the opportunity to practice breathing and coping strategies. Every little bit helps right?

I've written our "birth plan," really it's just a paper saying I'm down for the ride and I'm not set hard core on anything. There might even be more about after Etcha's been delivered than the actual delivery process. The hospital bag is pretty much packed, minus a few essentials that are still being used and will be until we leave for the hospital.

Now it's just a waiting game, we still have 2 weeks before we're full-term but all the big stuff is done. I know I'm feeling relieved!

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