June 15, 2012

To my darling son,

Wow, three weeks old already?! Coleden Levi, you are an amazing little boy. I can't believe how much you can already do, and more importantly how much you've already taught me.

First and foremost, I love being your mom. I never knew how much I could love you, and that love grows each day. Tuesday, your daddy was doing tummy time with you and you flipped from your belly to your back on your own! It was no fluke either, you did it 3 times! Wow! You are one strong boy (I'd like to add that so far you have not been a fan of tummy time, so that might've added to your motivation). Not bad for a little boy who was only 2 weeks and 4 days old.

I know that right now everything is new, and maybe even a little scary; but you should know that you have handled it all brilliantly. Remember that your mommy and daddy love you very much and will always be there for you no matter what.

Speaking of your daddy; how much does he rock?! Not only does he work a full time job, but when he comes home he doesn't even take time for himself. He jumps right into helping mommy with the housework that she can't do quite yet because she's still recovering from the surgery that delivered you into this world. You are a very lucky little boy to have such an amazing daddy (and I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing husband-thank you Josh). I don't know how he does it (with a smile on his face and never complaining either I might add) but I'm so grateful he does.

As for what you've taught me, I won't be able to list everything so I'll stick with a few favorites:
  • Patience-this is a must with you my little love and I'm happy to oblige.
  • Hobo shirts are my best friend-I quit trying to get dressed for the day if I know I'm not going anywhere, because anytime I try you spit up on me. It's all good though, because you've made me appreciate my comfy clothes even more.
  • You like me more than you like your daddy-You've peed and puked on him several times already and haven't on me, I'm just sayin'. Either that or you're marking your territory, but I like the first one better.
  • Swinging-it's a bad idea if you've eaten within the last 15 minutes, really bad.
  • Cuddling-that's the best, especially when daddy gets to join!

Oh! Before I forget, your Lady and Great Aunt Sandy are coming for a visit! That also means that Nessa Rose will be here! You're gonna love her, she's a great pup. Anyway, just thought you should know that these first 3 weeks have been wonderful and I thank you for that!

I love you,
your mommy

To my family and friends reading this; I will hopefully post some photos soon!

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