November 29, 2012

My little boy is 6 months old!

I'm sorry this has taken me so long to post dear friends. I hope you can forgive me!

Here are the stats:
  • I'm 21 pounds 7 ounces and 27 3/4 inches long
  • I'm so big, my swing no longer swings without the motor grunting at my weight 
  • I love rolling all over the floor, crawling backward, and lunging forward
  • It cracks me up when Daddy spooks me
  • I am talking so much, but no one knows what I'm saying (Mama thinks I'm saying her name, and it makes her excited so I let her think that's what I'm saying, even though I'm warning her I'm about to poop)
  • I can sit all by myself!
  • I am really liking sweet potatoes and carrots and I can't wait to try the pears Mama made for me
  • I still don't have any teeth, but you wouldn't be able to tell with the amount of drooling I do!
  • I really like this Clinique commercial. It stops me in my tracks every single time I see it
  • I dig it when I get tossed in the air, in fact I shriek with glee

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