June 13, 2013

Ahh Summer!

I'm in full on summer mode right now. It has been wonderfully sunny (for the most part) the last week or so. I was rummaging through my recipe page and realized how few drink recipes I have. This needs to change and fast. My goal over the next few weeks will be to beef up my drink category. What are your favorite summery drinks, I'd love to try them! As I type this post I'm sipping on this groovy beverage and it's really hitting the spot!

In other summery-type news, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Stephanie and I hit up our Euro Store a.k.a. Kik and discovered some pretty nifty finds. Among them, a couple different popsicle molds. I was all over this! I couldn't wait to get it home and get down to business. I made 100% apple juice popsicles that Cole loved. That was his first introduction to any form of juice and he was digging it.  My child is totally a frozen treat fanatic, just like his mama. Once I was sure he liked it I wanted to expand a little. I blended some strawberries and apple juice to create a tasty and healthy snack that goes perfect with a warm day! I can't wait to try new flavors!

Apple Juice
Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

I just eye-balled the amounts. I threw a couple handfuls of strawberries in the blender and filled the blender with juice until it was covering about half of the strawberries. Blend until smooth and freeze.

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