June 1, 2013

More from Cole's birthday

These were taken on the morning of Cole's birthday. We originally got him a wicked-cool ball pit but it didn't come in the mail in time. Josh found this really cool set of Mega Bloks (yes, it's spelled that way) at the BX and thought Cole needed them too. He must have secretly known that our original idea wasn't going to make it. Snaps for Josh!

I posted this board I made for Cole without explaining my favorite part! Do you see those cool looking circles at the bottom?! I geeked out a little bit and found a Gallifreyan font, you know, from "Doctor Who," Josh and I decided that we needed to put a secret message on Cole's board from us to him. You'd think we'd write something sweet and heartwarming, but we didn't. Instead, we simply wrote "Drink your Ovaltine."

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