July 19, 2013

Let's chitty-chat!

I hope everyone is staying cool this summer! Can you believe we're over half way through July already? Wow. Is it just me or does June just seem to be the month that flies by the fastest? Let's catch up:

As I said in my last post, Cole has really taken to walking/running. He also loves bath time, I think it's his favorite activity. A few weeks ago Cole got his first haircut. Josh wanted to wait a little longer, but this kid was starting to rock a mullet. Josh actually ended up giving the haircut because mama can't cut straight-oops!

Also a few weeks ago, we went on an adventure to Ikea. Have you ever been to one? This was my first time, and I was not disappointed! I decided I'm in love with Ikea. I love the simplicity, I especially love the store's layout, and I love the price-so cheap!

Our tables are from Ikea, but we got them off of Ramstein Yardsales for $5 for the pair. The rug was on sale for 15 Euro. I'm obsessed! I've already dogeared and marked about 15 different things I want to look into. I'm all about a good deal. If you've been to Ikea, what was your favorite find or best deal?!

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