August 6, 2013

Our Garmin took us to Garmisch!

Day 1
Our GPS said it would take roughly 4 1/2 hours to arrive in Garmisch. It took almost 2 hours longer. If there was a stau (traffic jam) or construction zone, we hit it. We stopped counting after 15 jams. Seriously. We found ourselves driving through a little chunk of Austria, which was absolutely stunning, it totally made up for all the stop and go traffic we'd been through.

  • One of many staus we encountered.
  • German vineyard. They love planting their grapes on crazy-steep hills around here.
  • A pretty lake with a mountain in the background
  • Another cool mountain
  • Sneaking into Austria
  • Austrian mountains
  • I spotted a Hobbit hole! Okay, so it was for a golf course, who knew Hobbits enjoyed golf?!
  • Edelweiss that-a-way! Getting close!
I completely forgot to take photos of Edelweiss (the hotel/resort we stayed at). My bad. You'll probably see parts of the hotel in different photos later on. There were tons more photos from our drive, but I didn't want to be one of those people that make you look at vacation slide, after vacation slide; especially when it was just more traffic jams and mountains. You're welcome.

In case you were wondering, Cole was a rock star on our very long drive. He was a little cranky, but only because he was getting antsy-can you blame him? Once we got out of the car he was his jolly old self again. Thank goodness.

Next stop: Neuschwanstein Castle...

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