October 31, 2013

Adventures in Omaha Part 4

I took a lot of photos in Omaha, this next batch is a combination over a couple of weeks!

 My little drummer boy!
 3 of my favorite gals! Soon to be 4, right Cass?!
 Grandpa in training
 Lady and Papa got Cole a really cool firetruck!
Checkin' out the new ride
 There's a bell on this thing?!
 Make yourself at home (this is one of my favorite photos of Cole)
Had to wear his Superman shirt in his firetruck
 First trip to the dentist!
He liked the dental hygienist...
he liked her so much, he bit her. It was a love bite.
 Josh couldn't be with me for our anniversary, so I found myself a hot date!
We celebrated at Olive Garden. Naturally.
 Papa playing with Cole in the yard.
This kid is a runnin' fool!

Stay tuned for our trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch...

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