November 29, 2013

Photo Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Cole and I had a very enjoyable day. I did the majority of my food prep the night before. I got lucky, Cole decided to go down for a nap right before I needed to get in the kitchen and get to cookin'. I don't know about you, but I love cooking on Thanksgiving. I like the whole preparation process, the lists, the menu-making, the shopping, the scheduling; do you sit down and schedule out your Thanksgiving food prep? I think I'd be lost if I didn't. Since it was just Cole and I, I didn't have to start our turkey until late morning (we ate around 2:30 or so), it was fun to play and not worry about getting a million things done at once. This year, our Thanksgiving meal was entirely dairy-free, and that was not an easy undertaking, but I loved the challenge, and everything came out better than I could've imagined! I'll share those recipes soon, but for now, I'll share my week in photos:

Day 23: Cozy socks. In case you didn't catch on from a few of my recent posts, I'm a total Whovian. On Saturday, Doctor Who celebrated with a 50th anniversary episode. I didn't get to watch the episode until the next day, but I showed my support (and enthusiasm) by combining two of my favorite things: Doctor Who and tube socks. Match made in heaven.
Day 24: Arranged. In order for our tree to fit in our living room, some rearranging had to happen. You might be thinking, "Lindsey, didn't you put your tree up on the 25th, this is only the 24th, who are you trying to fool?" And I'll say, "I'm not trying to fool anyone, dear friends. I simply forgot to take the photo on the day, and wasn't about to move the tree to make the picture happen. Please accept my apologies, still friends?!"
Day 25: Agenda. Like I said before, I plan everything out for the day. I'm a person who likes lists and schedules. This was the first year that I did a majority of my prep work the night before, and it won't be the last. What a difference it makes! 
Day 26: Television. What else would we watch?! This is my favorite part!
Day 27: Cookbooks. I love my cookbooks. I especially love holiday cookbooks. The end.
Day 28: Thankful. Gosh, I am thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for my husband, Josh, and all he is doing for our family and our great country. I'm thankful for my son, Coleden, he has such a warm heart, and beautiful spirit. I'm thankful for my family and friends, this deployment would be a lot more difficult without your support. I'm thankful to God for providing for my family time and time again, and for giving me strength I didn't know I could possess while my other half selflessly serves his country.
Day 29: Christmas decor. We don't have a chimney to hang our stockings with care, but what's the point of having a cool spiral staircase if you can't jazz it up for the holidays?!

Did you watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?! Cole's favorite musical act was the cast from Matilda, he bouncing around and dancing like a fool! I loved the Cirque du Soleil float and Wizard of Oz balloon the best. I'm obsessed with this parade :)

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