December 16, 2013

Christmas Market in a CAVE!

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of being invited with a few friends to head to the Netherlands to a Christmas market that actually takes place in a cave! How cool is that?!

 Just hanging out in line...
 I'm so glad I met you Linzy!
 Translation: Christmas Velvet Cave, isn't that lovely?!
 There are castle ruins above the cave
 Here we go!
 There is a riddle that goes with this cave drawing:
The two men on the picture are a Belgian knight (on the right) and a Dutch knight (on the left). The Belgian knight swings with his club, a so-called "Good Day" (in Dutch of course). The Dutch knight lifts his sword. Who is going to win? 
Solution: the Belgian knight, because the Dutch knight hits the rock above his head with his sword...
 It was a little crowded. Do you see Santa and Mrs. Claus?!
 I think I took about 10 photos of these two, and this was the best shot I could get. They were harder to photograph than my squirming child!
 Joey and David checking out the vendors!
More cave drawings
I thought the "Elf on a Shelf" was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen, until I walked past this guy.
After I took this, the man in this photo pointed at me and yelled "WOO! Free picture!"
I purchased two items from this Christmas market: a pair of boot slippers (thanks for going halfsies with me Linzy!), and this pelican statue. Why did I get this metal pelican statue? It's so ugly I needed it. Plus it was only 4 Euro, can't beat that price!
 You turn the corner to find this guy staring back at you. Is it just me or does it seem like the eyes follow you?
Linzy and Mercedes in need of a sweet treat!
 A scale model of the cave and castle ruin
 Cole and I. Someone was super tired from such an exciting day!
Phil and Harlan. Everyone else walked out so they didn't get their pictures taken. Suckers!
 Pretty Christmas lights to look at on our hike walk back to the car.
Translation: Christmas City Valkenburg. What a beautiful Christmas city it was!

Thank you to the Lennemann's for inviting Cole and I to tag along, and the Stenberg's for helping me carry my obnoxious pelican around!

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