December 21, 2013

Photo Saturday!

Due to my teething toddler's fever, I wasn't able to post my Photo Friday pictures.

Teething + no nap= a very exhausted mama. On the bright side, today is the first day of winter, and there seems to be no snow in sight for us. I think Germany must've missed the memo that it is a snowy country by nature. I'm cool with that. I don't mind living a rainy, Seattle-esque life for the time being.

Day 14: Pajamas. When we were visiting Omaha, we took a little road trip with Papa and found the perfect Christmas jammies!
Day 15: Green. I found this amazing mint green scarf at Kik, aka the Euro Store!
Day 16: Shiny. Blue and silver are my go-to when I decorate for Christmas. I try red and green, but silver and blue feel like they can continue into January without questionable looks...okay, February too.
Day 17: Games. Right now, our favorite game is stacking boxes and then running from across the room and knocking them over, and then doing it again. And again. And again.
Day 18: Christmas Books. These are our favorites this year, especially Duck and Goose!
Day 19: Handmade. We made some salt dough ornaments. My favorites are Cole's hand prints, Nessa's paw print, and the dinosaur!
Day 20: Red and white. We've made a little progress when it comes to coloring. He still won't do it for more than a second or two, but if I keep giving him the same coloring sheet, it looks like he's more interested than he is. Cole has also discovered that he rather enjoys the taste of the blue crayon. None of the others seem to grab his attention, just the blue.
Day 21: Winter. We celebrated the Winter Solstice by going and visiting Santa. Last year, Cole loved seeing Santa. This year he went right to him, but as soon as I stepped away to take his picture, he panicked and decided Santa was too scary. He didn't mind him so much after we were done with our picture, when Santa gave him licorice.

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