February 26, 2014

I really AM a mom...

This morning, Cole and I were playing with trucks, a very common sight for us lately, when something happened to me that I wasn't expecting for another couple of years. He came up to me, bent down, grabbed my shirt, and used me like a napkin, turned and went back to playing. My mother warned me this would happen. Maybe it's because I did it to her, or that she is very keen to remind me of my past actions, but this small gesture my son so innocently performed, has brought me to a whole new stage of motherhood. What an exciting feeling it is. Thanks Mom for preparing me for this!

In other news, we went to the park last week to feed the ducks, we only only found two. We only found two, and they wanted nothing to do with us. Hmmfff! At least there was a playground. Cole couldn't get enough of the slides!

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