March 19, 2014

Loving Lately

Usually my Loving Lately posts are about different things I'm loving at the moment (and I'll share a few in a moment), but I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on what Cole is loving right now too:
 ^Sorry for the terrible quality, these were taken on my phone.
  • Dressing up. Thanks to Babe, Cole has some been having fun dressing up as Thor (with a cape), Buzz Lightyear, and Captain America! The second picture is Cole dressed as Thor, holding a sonic screwdriver, watching Star Trek. Three fandoms in one photo, my kid is so stinkin' cool!
  • Drinking from a cup. He's been doing this for a couple of months now, but only recently has he started preferring his beverages in a big boy cup
  • Eating sandwiches. I had been cutting his sandwiches so there were small pieces, and he's never been a big fan (he hates when his hands are dirty), I kind of wondered if it was the presentation and I'm so glad I didn't give up! 
  • Mulan. It used to be Rapunzel, now we've moved on to Mulan. He is in love with her, but don't worry Ava, you're still his number 1 girl ;)
  • Making lists. A boy after my own heart. 
  • Chasing, feeding, hugging, giving treats to and barking at Nessa
  • Smiling for pictures. This might actually fall under one of my loves, but my child is a total ham, and loves getting his picture taken. When I ask him to look at me, he'll look up from whatever he is doing and say "cheeee" and smile really big.
  • Dancing. If there is music, there will be a dance party!
  • Spinning in circles. Cole loves when I spin him around in circles and put him down, and has recently taken to spinning in circles really fast by himself, but only if he's wearing his footies pajamas.

As for my loves:
  • The weather. It has been absolutely gorgeous. Today has been a little overcast, but it's still 53 degrees. I'm not complaining one bit!
  • Our Easter decorations are on display. Christmas and Easter are my favorite holidays. Cole and I are working on more decor too!
  • Corned beef and Brussels sprouts . Josh doesn't like corned beef, and neither does Cole. I did the sprouts this year instead of a whole cabbage, and I think that's the way I'll do it from now on, it was so much better!
  • Spring cleaning. Sorry if you can't find anything when you get home from your deployment, Josh. Spring cleaning is happening hard core here.
  • Kaufland. Germany friends, have you been here yet? I never even noticed the one connected to Toom in Landstuhl. I was on a mission for some canvas and thought I'd drop in, since Toom didn't have what I needed. Kaufland did. And so much more!
  • Red jellybeans! Starburst, you are singing my love song.
  • Lastly, my husband will be home in less than two months! More like a month and a few days. Getting close!

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