March 16, 2014

Coleden Levi visits the Lincoln Children's Museum

Before I even left Germany, I had started planning out mine and Cole's agenda. We had about 3 weeks to fit as many activities as we could. Something I had wanted to do when I was stateside in October was to take Cole to the children's museum. There is an Omaha Children's Museum, but anyone who has been to both knows that the LCM is far superior. With my sister-in-law, Beth, we made our way to our state's capital.

We had so much fun! That day, Cole was a shopper, a farmer, a cowboy, a mechanic, a customer, a banker, a football player, a cop, an ambulance driver, a pilot, a luggage driver, an astronaut, a thespian, a truck driver, and by the end of the day, a very tired little boy. Cole's favorite part? I think it was a pretty close race between the grocery store and the hand dryer. Really. I took over 1,000 photos, but lucky for you, I narrowed it down quite a bit:

 Cole grocery shopping
 He loved pushing the Coleden-sized cart
 Mom do I have to take this picture, I could be grocery shopping!
 Look Dad, I'm changing a tire...Ula helped a little too!
Yes, we had to hold a football out in front of the camera so he would look. Whatever it takes, right?!
Go Huskers!
Back at the grocery store!
 Police officer in training
 A quick snuggle in the elevator with Aunt Beth!
 Coleden and Mama in the big chair
 Back in the tunnel, thank God Ula is short. I never would've fit in there.
 Playing in the water
 Who knew a hand dryer could be so much fun?!
We spent almost 10 minutes here
What a fun day with Ula at the Lincoln Children's Museum! Maybe next time we'll bring Josh and Uncle Dan, maybe.

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