April 16, 2014

A Coleden Update

Since Josh has been gone, my only consistent source of company is my toddler. I decided to group some of my favorite things Cole has been doing lately into one post. Let's get to it then, shall we?!

Sometimes, I can't get over how funny my son is. Not funny ha-ha so much, more like of-all-the-things-you-could-pick-up-from-me-and-you-chose-that, kind of funny. It's also a nice reflection of some strange habits, I was unaware I had.
  • Cole has taken to putting his hand up to his mouth and clearing his throat to get my attention, and then he'll put his hand up to my mouth expecting me to do it too (he added that part on his own).
  • I realized the other day that when I pretend sleep, I make snoring sounds. Since neither Josh or I snore, I wondered if Cole understood that I was pretend sleeping, not just making silly sounds. This morning, we were playing in his room, he climbed into his bed and covered himself up and started repeating "Ahh-oo ahh-oo" he was snoring! Naturally, I climbed in his bed and started snoring too.
  • When Cole talks to me, 9 times out of 10 I have no idea what he's saying to me, but I'll still respond, usually making up my own conversations with him as we go. I get the feeling I've been favoring a particular response, because I'll ask him to grab something for me and he'll look at me and say "Whhhhaaaaat?" Time for a new catchphrase.
We've been working on using our manners recently, Cole brings me his cup when he's thirsty and I'll ask him if he wants a drink and he'll very excitedly tell me "Yeah!" He's getting better about saying "Yeah, wheeees (yes please)," but if I have to ask him what we say he will repeat please until I hand him whatever it is he's asking for.

He loves having his picture taken so much that if my camera is within his reach he will stand in front of it saying "cheee" and smile until his photo is taken.

My favorite part of any movie we watch is the end credits. Cole can sense it and will stop whatever it is he's doing, walk over, stand in front of our television, and wait for the music to start. As soon as it does, he is a dancin' fool.

Cole has started to learn that if he takes something out, he has to put it back. Any parent out there that has found themselves frustrated with constantly having to clean up after their children can appreciate this. It's not perfect, and he gets a little upset if it doesn't go back easily, but I'll take what I can get and appreciate it all the more.

^Cole took a selfie, what a ham!

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