July 3, 2014

Cruising the Mediterranean-Day 3 Pompeii

We woke up as our ship was coming to port in Naples. Our shore excursion was to tour the excavations of Pompeii. Our tour guide, Fabio, took us through the ruins, and although he seemed knowledgeable, my headphones kept cutting out. Even though I was only able to hear a tiny bit of the tour, it was amazing to see how well preserved this village was. It was buried under 20 feet of volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius, which towers in the background. I was waiting for the Doctor to show up, he never did (any other Doctor Who fans out there?!).

It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for taking a tour. This was the shortest of all of the excursions we booked, but it was one of the most exhausting. We weren’t able to bring our stroller for this one, so Cole had to hoof it like the rest of us. He did really well too, especially considering the uneven cobblestones. Our tour lasted about 2 hours, and after we had about 20 minutes before the bus picked us up. We decided to treat ourselves to some Italian gelato, it was glorious!

When we got back to the ship, we decided to hit up the pool for a bit. Cole is a water baby for sure. He even made a few friends. We still had a few hours left in port, so we decided to go back out and look at some souvenirs and take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, for this trip, we decided to bring two cameras: our Nikon 3100 and our old Sony Cybershot. After my dad’s visit, we realized how nice it is to be able to take a few family selfies with a point and shoot. 

 Mt. Vesuvius
 This was the gladiator's quarter where they lived and trained.
 The amphitheater of Pompeii.
 One of the mosaics we saw. It's incredible that the ash preserved everything so well.
I think this was one of the main neighborhood areas.
 He wasn't able to walk all of it, but he did manage about half of it! He was such a trooper.
 Fabio at the faucet showing us the still usable water system the Pompeian people had in place.
 Josh trying it out!
  At this point, I couldn't hear anything with my headset so I'm not sure what this area used to be, but I can't even imagine what it must have looked like to see Vesuvius erupting from this spot.
 Back on the ship, and poolside!
 We tried taking some photos with Cole but he was too busy looking around.
 After he was done looking around, he decided he didn't want his photo taken at all. 
 Cole and I next to our ship!
Cole and Josh and our two giant bottles of water!
Cole was really against photos this day, but that didn't stop Josh and I!

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