July 2, 2014

Cruising the Mediiterranean-Day 2

Our second day of vacation was our day at sea. I felt bad for Josh because Cole decided in the middle of the night that it was the perfect time to become a daddy's boy. He climbed in our bed and curled up with Josh, where he stayed the whole night. If Josh tried to move, Cole would start crying and scoot closer to him. Poor Josh was left with a sliver of the bed.

Since we had our whole day ahead of us, we decided to take Cole to the "Guppy Room," which is a room dedicated to the ship's youngest vacationers. We received a newsletter the night before saying that there was a fun art activity. We walked into the room and Cole instantly went to the paints. He was so excited about them, but it wasn't time yet. Once it was actually time to start, our art leader Kangaroo (that really is her name), had us warm up with a few fun songs. The whole time we were singing, Cole kept trying to get into the paints, it still wasn't time. When the time finally came to start painting, Cole was not down with the program. He didn't like his foot being painted (that was the project). We tried just letting him paint with a brush, he didn't like it. Finger painting, not his thing either. Kangaroo tried giving him some stamps, he liked playing with them, just not painting with them. My kid and art, geez Louise!

After lunch, we checked out the pool area, it was so packed, there was hardly room to move, we decided to hang out in our room instead so Cole could have some free, running around time. We were lucky enough to have the sun shining down on our balcony so we grabbed some drinks, put our swimsuits on and hung out! We talked about which places we were most excited to see, which excursions sounded like the most fun, and how pumped we were to see Blue Man Group that night.

In the evening, we found ourselves in the Epic Theatre waiting for the show to begin. There weren’t assigned seats, so we chose to sit in the back, in case it was too much for Cole. One of the Blue Men even came past us! After the show, there was a meet-and-greet, Cole wasn’t too sure of the first guy, but with the second guy, he knew they were okay. Josh pointed out that this was my third time seeing BMG, his second and Cole's first, pretty neat!

After a late supper, we settled in for the evening. Our first shore excursion was the next day, and we knew we needed to be well rested for it. Onward to Naples!

That's either France or Italy. I can't remember where we took this photo and at one point you could see both countries at the same time.
Again, I don't know which country you're looking at, but this is just one of many boats we would see on this trip.
 Vacation is hard work!
 I don't know why I like this photo so much, I love seeing my two favorite fellas relaxing in their own ways.
 Josh told me to go look over the rail. Wet hair and wind gave my brush quite the challenge.

 I think it freaked Cole out that they wouldn't talk to him. Or maybe it was the blue skin. Who knows.
 A different Blue Man and Cole took his hand and looked at Josh like "Dad, why don't they talk?"
We came back to our room to find this little beauty on our bed. Thank you Dagari!

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