July 5, 2014

Our Fourth of July celebration!

I hope everyone had a super Fourth of July! We kept it pretty low key this year and stayed home (instead of going on base). We did make a run to Toom and Kaufland in the morning. Josh went into Toom looking for a faucet/hose hook-up so we could fill Cole's baby pool, you know, since we don't have an outdoor faucet. I zoomed through Kaufland searching for a watermelon (the last time I was at the commissary, I didn't see any). We both found what we needed and headed home.

While Cole napped, Josh and I filled his pool, put the finishing touches on our pork spareribs, and sat down and watched a little "Independence Day," naturally.  After Cole woke up and we had lunch, we hit the pool and enjoyed some tasty watermelon. The rest of our day was spent hanging out, enjoying the Fourth.

 I made patriotic jello, Cole was a little unsure of it at first, but only at first, it didn't take long for him gain a bright blue tongue! I found the jello mold at the commissary for $2, can't beat that, and it came with the jello!
 I've never made ribs before, and I think for my first shot, they weren't half bad. We made them in the crock. Josh wasn't much of a fan, but he said he isn't a fan of spareribs. I'll do better next time!
 This boy LOVES water!
 He loves it a lot!
 We managed to convince him to step out of the pool for a few minutes to try some watermelon. He wasn't much of a fan, I think the seeds through him off. Maybe a watermelon smoothie is in our future!
Nothing says "Happy Birthday, America!" quite like a red, white, and blue pedi!

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