September 12, 2014

All packed up and waiting to go

My Monday and Tuesday were spent hanging out with my husband, staying out of the way of our movers, entertaining a 2 year old, and calming the nerves of an overly excited pooch.

It's all said and done, and our belongings are on a truck headed toward New Mexico. Now I'm very ready to head out of here. Josh and I were talking the other night about how we cannot believe we're at the end of our 3 year tour. We thought for sure it was going to feel like the longest 3 years ever, especially since we would be away from family and friends while bringing a baby into this world, but it's all gone by so fast, and we are so grateful for the time we've had here. But now it's time to move on and experience some new adventures!

 The movers used boxes for some stuff, but a lot of our odd shaped items were wrapped using this cardboard roll. I'd never seen it before, what a clever idea!
 If you couldn't tell, Gosselin Group moved us!
 I was okay with our living room getting packed up. I was good with our bedroom getting packed up. When it came to Coleden's bedroom, I got a little choked up seeing it all boxed up.
 We made a fort on Tuesday, and I think Cole was in there most of the day! Boys and forts, always a winning combo!
 When he wasn't in his fort, he'd walk around investigating things and came upon plastic straps (I have no idea what they're called) and decided to ribbon dance with them. Who needs toys? He also spent some quality time with a few boxes!
 We have a lot of crap, man. A lot. We filled up 8 of those crates.
So. Much. Crap.

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