September 24, 2014

Germany vs the U.S.

I don't have much time left in Germany, and it made me think of what I'll miss most about living here, and what I'm most looking forward to when my little family is back in the United States.

  • First and foremost, I'm going to miss doner kebabs. It's quickly become my favorite food. Mmmmm so good!
  • The autobahn. I appreciate that (for the most part) people follow the rules of the road. Also, I have a lead foot (unless my parents are reading this, in which case, please disregard!), having areas of no speed limits will be greatly missed. I think this is what Josh will miss most!
  • The view. The last few weeks, anytime I go out, I find myself trying to soak in as much of my surroundings as I can. I love all the trees, the mountains, the sporadic castles, I love it all and will miss it terribly.
  • Kik. It's my favorite German store. It's like a Dollar General, but cooler. 
  • Traveling. Being able to say "Oh, this weekend let's go to [insert old, historic place]." I wish we could've traveled more than we were able to, but I think we did pretty well in our 3 years over here, especially with a baby.
  • Our house. It may not be a perfect house, but Cole has spent the majority of his life here. Soon, he'll be playing in a new bedroom, in a new house, where there isn't a train going by every 30 minutes, but we didn't mind it, because it's kind of soothing. Military life, man. Military. Life.
  • Ikea. Okay, I know the States have Ikeas, but I never seem to live near one, so until I do, this one is staying in the German section! 

United States:
  • Family and friends. It'll be nice to be in similar timezones and be able to visit without worrying about long flights or jet lag. 
  • Walmart, Target, etc. You don't realize how amazing these stores are (even when they only have one cashier working) until you don't have access to them whenever you want. I especially look forward to Walmart because it's open 24 hours, that's a big deal. 
  • Stores open on Sundays. We always seem to be in search of something to do on Sundays, and you can only go to the BX so many times before it's just sad. Every once and a while, the Germans have Sunday shop days, those are the best!
  • Restaurants. Of course Germany has fine restaurants (see above about doners), but sometimes you just want Buffalo Wild Wings, or Olive Garden (real Italian food is amazing, but nothing beats O.G.'s salad and breadsticks.).
  • Television. Being able to watch a sporting event, awards show, or new episode of that one show at a normal time of day instead of staying up until midnight when the it starts, or worse, avoiding all media because someone doesn't give you a spoilers warning.
  • 110v appliances. It'll be a great day when we get to use our Vitamix or Keurig without using a giant transformer. Also, using our U.S. washer and dryer, oh man, that will be a great day!
  • Air conditioning. People will say it's only hot like a week out of the summer here, but when you have a child with eczema, that is a very long week.
I'm sure there are several more points for each side, but this is what I was able to come up with during Cole's nap time! My experience over here was truly an amazing one, it's been challenging, and rewarding and I hope one day we get to return, to finish visiting the places we missed-I'm talking to you United Kingdom!

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