September 25, 2014

My favorite adventures from Germany

We move into TLF (temporary lodging facilities) today until we leave Germany! It's getting so close, I can't believe that we are looking at the 10 day forecast in D.C. and realizing that we'll be there soon!

Yesterday, I shared what I'm going to miss most about Germany, and what I'm excited for when we're back in the States. Today, I thought it might be kind of fun to reminisce about my favorite adventures while we were over here.

My favorite adventure of them all: becoming a mom. I love you Coleden Levi!
Paris, France
Neuschwanstein Castle
Dachau Concentration Camp
Christmas Market in a cave, Netherlands 
Josh came home safe and sound from his 6 month deployment!
Metz, France
Luxembourg American Cemetary
 Crusing on the Norwegian Epic!
Rome, Italy
Lucca, Italy
 Palma Majorca, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Our walks around Neidermohr.

There are several events I didn't list, mostly life events for Cole, but I wanted to cover the basics. Also, I should be packing, so I didn't want to take too long with this post! Ciao!

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