November 5, 2014

Baby Trout 2.0

Hello all! I thought I'd take a moment to answer a few of the questions I've been getting about the newest member of the Trout family. 
•How far along are you? I am 17 weeks today! My official due date is April 16. 
•How are you feeling? So far, so good! In the first trimester, I would get a touch of nausea every once in a while, but I'm feeling much better now. 
•How does this pregnancy differ from Coleden's pregnancy? It seems like this time around, I'm a lot more exhausted than I remember being with Cole. I'm guessing running after a toddler is a contributing factor on that one ;)
•Are you going to find out the gender? Heck yes we are! 
•Does Cole understand what's going on? Not really. When he says "baby," I'll point to my stomach, and he'll put his hand on me. That's about it. I think it'll be easier to understand when I'm bigger and he can feel the kicks. 

This photo is an outtake, I was trying to get a belly shot, and Cole decided he wanted to get in on the action! I think I like this picture more than the first, simply based on Cole's face!

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