January 9, 2015

Photo Friday

Day 3: Outside. IT SNOWED HERE! We woke up Saturday morning to a little snow. By the time we left to run errands around 9, most of it had melted, but there was snow on the ground! Pictures or it didn't happen, right?!

 Day 4: Four. Last weekend, Josh and I were organizing Cole's room and came across a bunch of Josh's old Hot Wheels. Cole has been in hog heaven ever since. He loves racing them around his road rug! I think Josh likes racing cars on the road rug too! Boys. :)

 Day 5: Great song. Have you ever been hanging out listening to music, and you just have to have a dance party?! This is an everyday occurrence at our house. Our current favorite dancin' tune is
"Uptown Funk." We especially love using cars as microphones to sing along.

Day 6: New. We upgraded our Kia! I will miss my Kia Soul. I loved that little car, but that's exactly what it was-little. With baby number 2 on the way, Josh and I decided it was time for a "grown up" car. It even has heated seats, fancy!
Day 7: Makes me smile. I really wanted to grab the nice camera for this, but I absolutely did not want to wake him up! Sometimes my son sleeps with his hand under his armpit, other times I find him with his hand down his pants. Must be a boy thing!
 Day 8: Recipe. We've had this tasty supper a few times now, and every time, I'm surprised by how easy and filling it is. To simplify things, I use Oscar Mayer carving board turkey or chicken (we've tried both, be sure to buy 2 of the 7.5oz. containers). I've also used Hungry Jack mashed potatoes if we don't have leftover mashed potatoes.
 Day 9: Paper. Does cardboard count as paper? I think so. I also think Amazon would make a killing just selling their big boxes. Cole sat and colored in this box for almost 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES! He won't color on paper for more than 30 seconds, but he stayed busy for an entire television show! Why didn't I think of this before?!

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