February 12, 2015

31 weeks down, 9 more to go!

31 weeks! Yay!!!

Isn't it funny when you stop and think about something out of the blue, and you see it pop up shortly after? The other day, I was thinking about how fast this pregnancy is going, I'm down to single digit weeks. Where has this time gone? I know it won't be long before my new baby boy is here and it made me reflect on my first pregnancy.

I decided to go through my blog archives, and I found this post from when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Cole. Remember when I used to refer to him as Etcha?! That seems like so long ago! I find myself pondering similar things this time around: Will he be a Josh clone like his brother? Will he be a chill baby or more active? What will Cole's reaction be when he meets his sibling? What will Nessa think of another baby boy?

30 weeks pregnant with Coleden!

After my trip down memory lane, my body decided it had a lot of energy, and needed to do some massive work on the nursery. In case you missed it, Josh and I decided that because we liked Cole's Marvel paintings so much, it only made sense to continue the trend with a DC Comics room for Baby Brother. That's all we've done for the nursery. Seriously. I guess I'm not in any rush because we don't have much to do. We already have a carseat, crib, stroller, pack 'n' play, basically all the big items. It's just a matter of putting the crib together and waiting for baby.

The only other bit of baby prep I've done is packing my hospital bag. Mostly, I just like to be prepared. I'm trying not to overpack, but that is proving difficult. The hospital I'll be delivering at is an hour away, it's not like Josh can just pop home real quick. It's definitely feeling more real as bags are getting packed and arrangements are being made. It won't be long now!

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