March 17, 2015

More fun from White Sands National Monument

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While I wait for my corned beef to finish cooking, I thought I'd follow through on my promise to share more photos from our fun day at White Sands! We had so much fun with Billy, Shelby, and Sophia. We've already started planning our next trip, and can't wait to head back with our pals!

So many gorgeous views!
 Appropriately named, don't you think?
 He didn't like the sand at first, but I think he's over it now!
 Oh Sophia! 
 It really felt this steep!
 This picture. I mean, really. You go Shelby, you drag those tiny humans up the sand mountain while the guys carry on a conversation, and wait until you're almost to the top to help. Geez haha
Everyone's favorite photo from the day. So much awesome in one photo. One child struggling up the hill, the other falling down it, and then I'm just hanging out at the top, staring off in the distance hehe
 These two are best buds! 
This was our cue that it was time to leave :) 

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