March 22, 2015

Master Bedroom

I figured since I've shared Cole and Little Brother's rooms, I might as well finish off with our master bedroom. I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but when we decided to redo Cole's room, it became the nicest (decorated) room in our house. Now that Little Brother's room is finished, I'd say it ranks right up there with his older sibling's room.

Our master has been in-progress for quite a few years. When we found out we were expecting Coleden, it was put on the back burner once again, but that's okay, that's how it should be. Certainly, the way a room looks comes secondary to its actual function; but sometimes you want a room to look less like a hodge podge of furniture, and more like a grown-up room that had a tiny bit of effort put into it.

With the other bedrooms complete, it seemed like a good time to start small. I painted a couple of pictures, and Josh not only chose the frames they went in, he also hung them up beautifully. We've had our bed frame for several years now, and we can actually use it in this house, we weren't able to at our house in Germany. For Christmas, my folks sent us a pair of nightstands. Not only do they match, I no longer have to use my jewelry armoir. This is huge news for me! Josh and I bought some new sheets to go with the bedding Babe got us about a year ago, isn't it amazing how buying new sheets can make a room feel so different.

We've lived in so many different places, that had so many different versions of master bedrooms. Wherever we land when we move back to Omaha, we'll have plenty of experience in room arrangements. I think what Josh and I are most excited about, is the prospect of painting walls! That's not something we've had the opportunity to do, so it'll be fun picking colors and seeing how they look on our walls. For now, I'm happy with the simplistic feel of our room while I daydream about the future.

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