June 6, 2015

2 months old

Jensen is 2 months old today! He doesn't have his wellness appointment until Monday, when I his stats I'll be sure to update and share his numbers. In the meantime, this past month has been filled with many firsts, and much more personality from the youngest member of our family.

The last month's happenings:

  • loves looking around (his neck control is on point)
  • hanging out on his activity mat
  • giggles in his sleep
  • can take a hit (his brother isn't very gentle when giving hugs)
  • isn't spitting up as much
  • had his first non-gas related smile and laugh 
  • working on sleeping flat (spitting up makes that a little difficult though)
  • has been enjoying grandma and grandpa snuggles (both sets of parents have been for a visit)
  • flipped from tummy to back 
It's been a pretty amazing month for this little boy. Jensen is definitely skinnier than his brother was at this point. Jen's personality is pretty laid back, he loves smiling and cooing, I have a feeling he's going to be a chatterbox soon enough!

UPDATE June 10, 2015:
Jensen had his 2 month appointment and he is 12.01 pounds and 22.83 inches long. He's still pretty tender from the shots, which make my heart break for him, but he's getting better by the hour.

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