July 6, 2015

3 months old

Jensen is 3 months old today!

This past month Jensen:

  • prefers to be sitting up so he can look around
  • hates, hates, HATES when his daddy makes the Chewbacca sound
  • can wear 6 month clothes
  • breastfeeds like a champ
  • is awake more during the day, and sleeps longer at night
  • loves when his brother "reads" to him
  • started napping in his pack 'n' play, instead of his swing (his swing is still his favorite though)
  • only stops crying when he's on his activity mat, if Cole gives him kisses and hangs out under it with him
  • finally fit his skinny little legs in cloth diapers
  • discovered his hands hands and feet
  • not only smiles more, he's is full-on belly laughing 
  • is starting to have his first real growth spurt 

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