December 10, 2015

8 months

Jensen is officially 8 months old! Well, he has been for a few days. I took a round of pictures of him on the 6th (his official 8 month), but I foolishly didn't check my camera settings before shooting, and they all came out off. So we re-shot, and they are much better this time around.

This little boy is growing leaps and bounds, it's incredible to watch him learn, and figure things out. It's been a busy month for my squirrel baby, he:

  • is starting to recognize his name
  • survived his first brother-inflicted goose egg
  • loves when Coleden shares his cars and Legos
  • likes spending time with his cousin, Hadley, but doesn't understand that it's bad manners to poke her eyeballs
  • thinks it's funny when Coleden rolls on top of him
  • makes the best facial expressions, his I'm-judging-you face is the funniest
  • is crawling as fast as lightning
  • learned to stand up on his own, and is already cruising on the furniture
  • discovered Nessa's food bowl, and will make a break for it any chance he gets
  • likes sleeping on his belly with his arms tucked in and legs spread out
  • has been jabbering for a while now, but the last few weeks, it actually seems like he's trying to tell us something
  • is obsessed with rainmaker toys, Cheerios, and biting toes

I started taking Jen's picture and these two goons jumped in. I think this was the 4th or 5th photo of the bunch. Is this their way of telling me I take too many pictures? They hear the shutter, that means you ham it up and pop into your brother's photo session, duh.

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