December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello all! I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! A couple of days ago, Coleden, Jensen, and I made the trek to Bass Pro Shop to take a picture with Santa. The boys did so well!

We met my cousin Chrissy, Aunt Tammy, Brenden, Carter, and Carly (and eventually my mom). After our failed attempt to see Santa the evening before at Regency, I am so glad you suggested Bass Pro, Chrissy!

Coleden was so excited to see Santa, but he was having just as much fun seeing all the nifty decorations and toys they had displayed while we waited in line. He looks like Buddy the Elf to me in this picture, "Santa's coming! I know him!"
 Coleden told Santa he wanted "4, 5, 6, 11 airplanes!" haha For as excited as Cole was to see Santa, it's kinda funny that he wouldn't get any closer to him then that. :)
Jen did really well until our turn was over, then he started crying; it's like he didn't want to leave Santa and his cozy, soft suit.
Coleden already liked Santa (a far cry from the last couple of years), but he really liked Santa after he gave him a candy cane. When we got home, he discovered his candy cane had broken, and wanted me to take him back to Santa so he could tell him that he accidentally broke the candy cane he was given. He didn't want to ask him for another one, just wanted to let him know it was broken. Sorry kiddo, I'm not driving all the way back to Iowa just so you can tell Santa about your broken candy cane.
 I love Carter's face in this picture, he's so unimpressed with Santa. 
These two little boys are just the cutest!
I'm dying to know what Brenden asked Santa for that Santa said "We'll have to see," then did this. Brenden's smile makes me think he has plans to take over the world. Carter's like "It didn't work for Loki, brother, it won't work for you." 
 I don't know why, but I just love this photo of Carly. You can't see her face, but the way Santa is paying full attention to her, I feel like she has her shy smile on.
 Such a beautiful little girl!
She looks a little nervous here, but still such a cutie!

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