January 9, 2016

9 months

Jensen, I feel like you have grown so much in the last month. It also seems like I say that every month, but it is nonetheless true. Your personality is becoming more and more pronounced. Everyone that meets you says that you are the happiest baby! For the most part that's true, but with 4 teeth coming in at once, I don't blame you for being a little cranky the last few weeks. Let's get to it, in the last month, you:

  • stand alone for a few seconds
  • give kisses
  • point at mom and dad, and giggle
  • love eating real food (non-purees), especially peas, bananas, and green beans
  • started dancing (you bounce up and down while standing, and shake your head)
  • drink water from a sippy cup
  • can say Mama, Dada, and yeah (although, I'm not sure any of those have meaning just yet)
  • recognize your name
  • sing along with Cole when he sings (I don't know that either of you is singing the same song though)
Favorites things: crawling (toward the bathroom especially), taking baths, when Nessa licks you, Coleden, your motorcycle (it plays the jams you like to dance to the most), listening to music, pulling people's hair, and when Coleden pushes you over.

Not-so-favorite things: diaper changes, hats, having your nose wiped, nasal aspirator, when mom or dad leave your sight (even for just a second), baby food with bits of food in it (is it a puree, is it table food, the world may never know), and socks.

Height: 28.5", 58 percentile
Weight: 18 pounds, 22 percentile

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